Expect more from your Representation company

We are here to help you up sell your villa. Whether you are a villa owner or tour operator, we have available a vast array of different services to suit your needs and can personalise these as required.  Take a look at our Marketing Deck below to find out what we can do for you.



What can we do for villa Owners?

  • Sales generation, from the creation of leads, to the contract negotiation, conclusion and annual relationship maintenance.
  • Communication with all UK contracted travel partners providing regular news updates, offers and support in selling your villa.
  • A point of contact for all enquiries and support that operators of travel agents may need to close the sale for you!
  • Keeping you in touch and aware of the travel industry news with regular updates and information on what is affecting the industry.
  • Providing managed strategies for informed tactical campaigns ensuring results are tangible and measurable.
  • Attendance at trade shows such as World Travel Market and Unite Promotions, either with you or on your behalf.
  • Coordination and support for familiarisation trips to your villa/s, both in conjunction with trade partners and tourism authorities and where budgets allow, independently.
  • Training for contracted tour operator sales staff, travel agents and other influential partners to ensure the villas are sold accurately to the right target audience.
  • Management of marketing opportunities with trade partners to drive sales to your villa/s.
  • Database Management; of contracted partners and key contacts.
  • Issue of close-outs to partners on freesale.
  • Coordination of Sales Missions to the UK for your key personnel, to allow your in-house management team to meet their industry partners and increase their confidence and support! We can organise, coordinate and manage annual sales missions to include the planning and arrangement of events (A fixed admin fee applies plus additional day rates based on requirements).
  • Exposure through our social media platforms for use as a key communication channel with the trade.
  • Exposure of your villa/s on our website with detailed features to reach all travel trade partners and direct consumers.

What can we do for tour operators?

  • Provide net rate contracts and all information required to sell the villa products.
  • Contacts in the same time zone with a full understanding of how the market works and first-hand knowledge of the villa product and the ability to support and help with information to close a sale.
  • News feeds through emails, e-news and social media to keep our tour operator and travel agency partners informed of news, new selling tools and more about what's going on at the villas and resorts.
  • Our website providing a "one stop shop" with all the key selling information needed by tour operator and travel agency sales staff looking to sell, quote and close sales to any of our villa owner’s properties.
  • Visual representation for you directly within the Exclusively Villas website and offline media.
  • Links to your booking platform or own website for specific villa sales.
  • Key contacts to suggest, discuss and agree marketing strategies for tactical campaigns.
  • Ongoing contact relationships to measure the partnership success.
  • Training of key staff/personnel on all the villa products represented.