Great results with Exclusively Villas

It's not just the services we provide but the benefits that you see which makes us the right choice for your Villa Representation company.


What should villa Owners expect?

  • Vital experience across the industry.
  • A knowledgeable and focused team well versed in the sales and marketing techniques and needs of partners within the market.
  • A partner that is up to date on both economic and consumer trends in the UK source market.
  • A flexible and pro-active approach to achieving affordable return on investment for clients.
  • Access to partnerships and relationships within the industry including tour operators, travel agents, tourist boards, PR contacts and other associations pivotal in supporting your Villa and Villa Resort.
  • Focus on driving the awareness of your property and business to stimulate demand.
  • Direct links to tour operators from the Exclusively Villas website - prompting bookings.


what should tour operators expect?

  • Contacts in the same time zone with first-hand knowledge of the villas and villa resorts, just at the end of a phone or email.
  • Experience and knowledgeable contacts who understand the UK market and what makes it tick when it comes to Villa sales.
  • Support and a clear understanding from all of our team of what is required to drive results.
  • A pro-active marketing team working to drive awareness for Villa clients and customers providing valuable content and links to your website.
  • Visibility within the Exclusively Villas website, giving tour operator partners details for those wishing to book
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Exclusively For Agents

We encourage agents to advise us of any booking made at any of our represented villas - as we will then arrange for their client to receive a complimentary "Exclusively Yours" amenity gift, with a personal message.

Once your booking is confirmed, simply contact us to arrange this!

Juliet and I have been in the travel industry for a long time and over the years worked closely together.
Juliet has always represented her tour operators or properties with passion, enthusiasm, knowledge & honesty so we can confidently make recommendations to our valuable customers.
— Daryl Hamlett, Managing Director of Travel About